Le Regge

Le Regge is a large estate located in southern Tuscany within the province of Siena. The estate produces red wine and organic olive oil, wheat and sunflower. About a third of the estate is composed by oak woods where naturally grow white truffles and wild mushrooms. Two estate's old farmhouses dating back 1700 called Gaeta and Zampugna have been restored into a villa and an agriturismo.

The Tuscan landscape is a masterpiece of harmony, based on a miracle of intelligence and taste with no comparison around the world. Lines and proportions are essential without superfluous elements, a reflection of the purity of Tuscan genius, omnipresent in every artistic expression. When comparing today's landscapes with the backgrounds of XV or XVI century paintings, one wonders if the painters copied the peasants or the peasants copied the painters. Both refused baroque forms, avoided rhetoric and superfluous embellishments whilst keeping the same clear light and sharp design. All this makes the Tuscan style easily retrieved in a Benozzo painting, in a page of Machiavelli or in a Senese farmhouse. Villa Gaeta and Zampugna were build in this context centuries ago and remains today a perfect example of harmony between man's work and nature.

Quick contacts

Agriturismo Le Regge

Strada comunale delle Regge
Montefollonico (SIENA)

Mobile +39 347 3027926
Mail: riccardoberna@gmail.com
Web: www.leregge.com

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